Cyrille Henry

Multidisciplinary artist and developer, Cyrille Henry evolves at the crossing of art, computer science and scientific research. His work associates the use of sensors, movement analysis, physical modelling, image generating as well as real time audio-visual synthesis.

He notably worked as responsible of the hardware department during four years together with La Kitchen (2001-2005) in order to create sensors interfaces and to bring their uses along in an art context (living arts, interactive installation, contemporary music).

Willing to combine his interest for music, for the image and for the developing of software, he becomes one of the founding members of the audio-visual performances project chdh in 2000. The project is regularly performed in France and Europe, and two opus was released : vivarium, an audio and video DVD in 2009 and egregore source, a usb stick in 2015.

Following this path further on, since 2003 he realises his artistic projects using particular physical modelling for the treatment and the generating of behaviours or complex forms by assembling basic elements.

His works have been presented in various exhibitions in France and abroad and has contributed to both artistic and scientific publications. He also distributes the free software that he creates.

Since 2006, as an independent developer, he collaborates with dance companies and other artists for the realisation of installations and interactive stage devices. Since 2002 he also takes part in giving workshops, trainings or academic lectures for various schools and research centres.

in 2016, he create Nozoïd, in order to develop and build synthesizers dedicated to experimental musics.