Synchronicity (Robin Meier and Andre Gwerder)

2015 06

Synchronicity is an installation exploring the emergence of natural cycles and synchrony inside an artificial biosphere. Live fireflies and crickets are made to flash and chirp in unison with two synchronising pendulums by manipulating the insect’s behaviour through lights and sounds. Inspired by this synchrony an array of electronic devices join the chorus and start to flicker, buzz or move in sync.

Robin Meier and Andre Gwerder
Architecture : Ivan Mata
Electronics : Cyrille Henry
Camera : Nikolai Zheludovich
Research : Anne Becker, Katsura Ishikawa, Hiroko Myokam, Manuel Speck
Curator : Marc-Olivier Wahler
Commissioned and produced by Audemars Piguet Art Commission 2015
during ArtBasel 2015 at Volkshaus Basel, Switzerland

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