Real real-time distortion shader


At first glance, acting as a distording mirror, this work offers a fun experience based on light and image distortion.

The title is more mysterious. A "real-time distortion shader" is a computer program aiming to distort an image. Using images from a camera, then such a program could display a relatively similar result to the one proposed by this "mirror".
However, pointing the REAL real-time distortion shader, this title emphasizes the quality loss that results from this type of digital system. Only an analog system such as this one provides zero latency, infinit refreshing rate, true color, no pixelation etc.

Beyond the geek joke, this simple device (whose size is the same as a 20 inch screen) is a caricature of some digital art works.

distorded steel sheet, size 44.3x24.9cm

P1000098 P1000099 P1000101 P1000102 P1000103