Linear cue system


"Linear Cue System" is an abstractions’ collection for Pure Data. This system was developed to simplify the use of Pd for the living arts, during the creation of a linear show. It allows an easily control and modification the temporal evolution of various parts of a Pd patch.

The use of this system allows to deal with various "states" using Pd (sound, light, images), as well with the transition in between these states. It is made to facilitate both the creation of the program (adding and modifying states and their transitions), and the exploitation of the states during rehearsals (non linear navigation).

This system can easily be improved thanks to a lighting control like "Lighting for Pure Data"

This system was used for different performances :
- "ReTime" by Adrien Mondot
- "Ce que disent les voix" by Wilfrid Wendling (Cie promethée)
- "Effet papillon" by cie Contour Progressif
- "La chaire du monde" by cie Contour Progressif
- "forêt I selva" by cie L’Amant Bilingue

Version 3.2