Lighting for Pure Data (lightboard)


"Lighting for Pure Data" is an abstractions’ collection for "Pure Data" that aims at emulating a lighting console controlling DMX systems. Unlike a hardware lighting console, this system offers an open API allowing a full control over the lighting within Pure Data in order to connect light with other media. This also allows to have complex light movements and behaviours.

These objects tend to offer many functionalities, but it should be adapted to projects’ specificities. The aim is not to offer a finished software, but to allow you to create the software that suits your needs.

This system was developed thanks to the work made with la cie contour progressif with performances like "l’effet papillon" and "la chair du monde".
I want to thank Annie Leuridan who worked with me on these projects.

The API is not being meant to be stable in time, please fork this code for each of your projects.
For the best use of this system, you should use a motorized MIDI fader box (like a BCF 2000), and an interface that drive a DMX system.

version 2.01


This system is curently replaced by JOTAC