Extra-Natural (Miguel Chevalier)

2018 04

Installation de réalité virtuelle générative, par Miguel Chevalier

As part of the exhibition "Artists & Robots", Miguel Chevalier will present a new generative and interactive virtual garden called “Extra-Natural”.

Miguel Chevalier’s work examines in a poetic and metaphorical way, the question of the link between nature and artifice coexisting and enriching each other today. For this work, Miguel relies on a process which he initiated at the end of the nineties, which is based on the observation of the plant kingdom and its imaginary transposition within a digital universe, to create different generations of virtual seeds and flowers.

Extra-Natural is a lush virtual garden made up of varieties of luminescent plants. The originality and the might of this creation is achieable thanks to a generator from which gigantic flowers of different sizes, colours and shapes are produced. Each plant evolves according to a unique cycle that is defined by its morphogenetic characteristics. Virtual plants appear randomly, blossom, and then fade, following a dynamic that is repeated ad infinitum. Through atypical shapes and amazing colours, diverse artificial paradises are created.

As viewers interact with the artwork, the plants incline to the left or right. The plants undulate with a wind that we can’t feel, creating a scene which alternates between baroque strapwork and stylized organic ballet. The lightweight dance draws the outlines of the garden, and like a microcosm, seems to resume the evanescence of beauty and life.
These artificial paradise recreate the conditions for a symbiotic relationship between man and nature.

Software : Cyrille Henry & Antoine Villeret
Technical production : Voxels Productions
Courtesy Lélia Mordoch, Paris / Miami

robots 1 extra natural 0 2 extra natural 3 extra natural 4 extra natural