JOTAC (Jeu d’Orgue Tactile)


"Jotac" is a tool aimed to replace lighting console controlling DMX systems used for the living arts.

This software environment should be used with a tactile screen interface. It is design to offer a fast and intuitive control over stages light. While offering large intensity variation behaviour, and effect or memory organisation, this tool can be used for live performance, dance, theatre, cinema or artistic installation.

The goals and constraints of this software are defined from the research carried out by Annie Leuridan and Cyrille Henry during creation of different shows.

From a technical point, the current implementation is composed of a kernel in Pure Data, and a graphical user interface programmed in python.

The Jotac development is done with the support of the EnsadLab (Laboratoire de l’École nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs) DRII Program.