Verbiage Végétal (Vegetable Verbiage)


These trees rely on a complex arborescence made of alphabet letters.

This arborescence, made of tens of thousands of words, finds its origin in a text file. Each branch is generated by a chosen word in the text. Every time the word appears in the text it is followed by another word, the logical following of the text, which is used to form a next branch. A ’recursive algorithm’ therefore enables to follow the connections’ arborescence by going through the text’s words. The tree is hence generated according to an iteration process organised around a text content. Each tree draws a path, a possible voyage through the text. The constituent words come from the text author’s word field.

These "Vegetable Verbiage" give shape to a wandering connectivity, a fractal representation, a cartography of the infinite navigation possibilities inside an author’s thoughts, linking one word to another, to a thought.. They shake chronological order, disturb the narrative syntax. They are force-forms drawing a movement in space, unwrapping the poetry of murmur, of interlaces and of fate.

These works question the tension in between organisation and profusion, continuity and discontinuity, singularity/unity and multiplicity, simplicity and complexity...

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