"Using pmpd with an audio and video synthesis"


preceeding - pure data conferences - graz

Using Physical modeling tools for Pure Data to control audio and video synthesis.

pmpd is a collection of object for pd. These objects provide real-time simulations, specially physical behaviors. pmpd can be used to create natural dynamic systems, like a bouncing ball, string movement, Brownian movement, chaos, fluid dynamics, sand, gravitation, and more. It can also be used to create displacements thus allowing a completely dynamic approach of pd computing.

With pmpd physical dynamics can be modelled without knowing the global equation of the movement. Only the cause of the movement and the involved structure are needed for the simulation. pmpd provides the basic objects for this kind of simulation. Assembling them allows the creation of a very large variety of dynamic systems .

This article describe pmpd utilisation and explore an application of this tools for real time interaction between a musician and an audio synthesis. Virtual physical structure can act as a black box between the musician and the audio synthesis: A musician can play with the movement of a virtual structure, which produces sound.