« OrganicOlogie » is the result of a collaboration between Romuald Tual (ro3) and Cyrille Henry (ch), who exchange their aesthetic vision of a sound and image performance.

The two artists attempt to share an organic although abstract form; this concert will be improvised around a narrative framework evolving in the semantic field of the voyage and discovery. They invite spectators to let their unconscious evaluate, sense and reach a spontaneous emotion, liberated by the wide field of an organic abstraction. Music and animations complete and reinforce one another in the narration, creating a harmonious circulation.

Based on the use of recorded sound material or photographs, the data of which is then analysed and treated in real time, this work consists of traditional sounds, natural atmospheres as well as unique and warm grooves completed by a complex visual environment natural, animal and vegetal connotations.

From a technical point of view Romuald plays with sounds, notes and modulations. This game in itself is simultaneously used to modulate and project images, hereby animating the audio-visual space with a unique intention.

Offering more than sound and image this project underlines a specific intermedia relationship : both are deeply linked in their behaviours. This project is different from the veejay-musician’s in the sense that here a unique source controls the sound and the image, hence enabling precise interactions all the while remaining improvised. Moreover this project excludes a redundant vision of a unique music score, it is on the contrary fed by the complementarities of the senses. The audio and visual scores harmonise their differences, their identities. Sound and image are generated by two distinctive computers that are linked together via a web connection. Hence Romuald’s scores directly monitor Cyrille’s visual instruments, the last however preserves his musician faculties as he intervenes on the quality and the interpretation of these instruments.