Ars Longa

2008 11

guest curator : Dominique Moulon (

For its second exhibition this year Ars Longa chose to present the work of Cyrille Henry, artist and computer developer. Using mathematical algorithms and physical models to conceive his works, Cyrille Henry is interested by the interaction between the human gesture and computer science. His work focuses on sensors, physical modelling, movement analysis, computer-controlled interfaces and on real time audio-visual synthesis. "During a displacement, although every instant gives the glance a different image, the passing by landscape contributes in a global way to the memory of the voyage. How then can one restore the voyage in its completion?" (Cyrille Henry).

The Voyages are panoramic images dealing with the passing of time : thousands of still shot photographs taken during the whole of a train trip provide the photographic material. Images are hence compressed, reaching the size of one pixel, and finally assembled one after the other into one single image. According to the displacement’s chronology from one city to another, Cyrille Henry manages to bring a succession of instants to the light. The whole of a voyage can then be restored with all its nuances : speed, train station stop, light, colour density...

Cyrille Henry makes the stratum of time passing visible by the means of temporal cuts. He gives shape to a spatio-temporal image in the literal meaning of the word, and offers a very personal reading of the concepts specific to the photographic medium, such as the notions of sensing of the eye’s circulation, of duration and of photographic instant.

The "Formes Latentes" are the product of a mutation deriving from an initial digital image. A 3D model composed of black and white cubes is associated to each pixel constituent of a digital image’s. The original colours are transposed into movements and they provoke a multitude of energies and form emergences of which the springs seem undetermined. The "Formes Latentes" result from this transformation, which in an abstract way reveals,, the construction of an image’s process, without all the while aiming at "reproducing the initial visual sensation but rather at revealing an underlying structure"(Cyrille Henry).

Using the same process as for the "Formes Latentes", Cyrille Henry will be realising an interactive installation in the space of Ars Longa, capturing the exterior environment around the gallery 24 hours a day. The wanderer, surprised by a transcription of his own movements, becomes both actor and spectator, being able to play with his gestures all the while maintaining certain reference points.