Formes Latentes (Latent Forms)


The "Formes Latentes" are made of a multitude of cubes. Each cube is distorded, shifted and turned in space organising the whole as a complex cloud.

This cloud of cubes finds its origin in a digital image, which is represented in an abstract way through the means of a ’non photo realist’ process.

These "Formes Latentes" translate the flat 2D space of pixels building a digital image into a 3D space made of ’basic primitives’. The initial colours are transposed into movement in this new space, giving the clouds an organic nature. These clouds are hence made of the assembling of cubes, just as an assembling of pixels generates the initial image. They result from the bonding made between a pixel and a cube.

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Une installation interactive a été créée a Arslonga :
Cette installation interactive capte l’environnement extérieur de la galerie 24h/24. Les images seront retransmises en temps réel dans l’espace d’exposition.