Pmpd is a library for Pure Data allowing the synthesis of control data through the means of particular physics modelling.

This library can be used to model different types of behaviours. It can help reproducing natural behaviours for the audio/video synthesis control for example. Pmpd can also be used for signal treatment, notably for the real time use of sensors. A virtual physical structure can be manipulated through the sensors’ information. The state of this structure representing the signal treated by the physical model.

Pmpd has been used for many installations and performances. This library also became the object of various publications and workshops.

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expressive movment synsthesis
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Ancienne versions :

pmpd was ported to Max/MSP par Ali Momeni

Abstractions for Max by Mathieu Chamagne

pmpd for SuperCollider by Paul Crabbe

Thanks to Anthony Palomba, pmpd is now compiled for windows Max/MSP